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What is Psychology Therapy?

Psychology Therapy is an initiative to bring counselling online at zero cost to those who cannot or do not want to afford a psychologist.

My name is Cristina Martin, and I hold the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills. I am currently studying an official CBT Diploma validated by COSCA (Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy) and a Masters in Psychology with Northumbria University. I have experience working as a support worker in the NHS, in the Ipswich psychiatric hospital, and as a helpline volunteer in OCD Action.

I specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and person-centred counselling. I will listen to you with kindness and compassion and explore with curiosity and non-judgement the issues that impact your wellbeing and mental health.

I work entirely online and offer free counselling sessions in English or Spanish.

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  • Monday to Friday
    17:30 - 22:30
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    8:00 - 22:30
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    8:00 - 22:30

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