About us

Psychology Therapy is an online counselling and psychotherapy practice based in the UK initiative of Cristina Martin-Garcia, qualified CBT therapist and founder. Her areas of specialisation are anxtiety disorders (generalised anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia) and OCD (including body dysmorphia). Along with these challenges, often other issues emerge in tandem. Consequently, her experience extends to depression, low self-esteem and self-criticism, perfectionism, stress, insomnia, burnout, impostor syndrome, life changes, loss and grief, self-harm, etc.


Psychology Therapy aims to promote mental health and wellbeing through the delivery of high quality therapy and promotion of initiatives to raise awareness.

We want to normalise mental health and therapy and encourage people to find the help needed to grow and find healthy ways to cope.

We are dedicated to providing empathetic support, and a safe, non-judgmental space for our clients' unique journeys towards growth and healing.


Compassion: we belief in compassion and self-compassion as key elements of the therapeutic relationships and the starting point of a more fulfilling life.

Trust: we want to create an environment of trust, where you can feel safe and accepted.

Personal growth: we think that everyone can achieve its higher potential, and therapy can help in the process.

Non-judgemental: we are not here to judge, but tu listen and understand.

Meet the founder

Cristina Martin

Cristina Martin Garcia

Therapist &  Founder

Hello and welcome! I am a qualified therapist, delivering CBT and acceptance & commitment therapy online. My vision in establishing Psychology Therapy was to bring my knowledge, passion, empathy, and compassion to those navigating life’s challenges. Click to know more about me!