Life and Business Coaching Online

Life coaching, career coaching and business coaching for individuals and organisations

We provide online coaching services, including life, careers and business coaching for people and organisations. Coaching is a collaborative and goal-oriented process that helps individuals recognise and achieve their personal or professional goals. It is a dynamic and forward-focused practice that aims to facilitate personal growth, development, and positive change. Coaching is about achieving the maximum human potential and living life to one’s highest possibilities. 


Our approach to coaching

We use a mix of therapeutic and coaching tools to help individuals and organisations thrive professionally and personally. While traditional coaching is highly focused on clarifying goals, in our approach, we draw upon acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) techniques, using values to work as an innovative way to coach individuals. We believe that understanding one’s values is essential to define what a rich, meaningful, and purposeful life looks like for each of us. 


Leveraging this technique, we use values as a life and professional compass, helping our clients set goals more intentionally and align them with their core selves. It’s not just about achieving; it’s about achieving in the right direction, investing your effort, time, and energy in goals that help you become who you want to be. It’s about having clarity about what is important to you, what matters, and what type of person you want to become in the process. 


Once we understand your values, we can establish goals and find ways to move towards them. Values and goals can relate to multiple areas of your life, whether it’s your career, personal development, relationships, health, or overall well-being, and we can assist you in all those areas. 


Using psychological principles, we coach clients to identify the barriers blocking their pursuit of those goals and help them overcome these obstacles. These barriers are often psychological and include elements like lack of self-awareness, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, perfectionism, or low self-confidence. If these blocks are present, we work to unblock them.


A variety of coaching tools assist you in your pursuit of your goals. Some examples include effective questioning and active listening, creating action plans, challenging limiting beliefs, and focusing on strengths, resilience, and the potential for growth and improvement.


Therapeutic methods, stemming from approaches like cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), can further equip you with tools to overcome barriers. Techniques like graded exposure, cognitive restructuring, defusion, or acceptance are valuable resources for anyone looking to maximise their potential.


Do you offer life, career and business coaching near me?

We offer online coaching because this way we can reach you out whenever you are in the world.  Trained in the UK, we provide support to people all over the world, in Spanish and English.

How can online coaching help you?  

Online coaching can help with your career, personal development, relationships, health, or overall well-being. Some of the things we can work on together include:


‣ Clarifying values

‣ Achieving goals

‣ Creating action plans

‣ Changing limiting beliefs

‣ Becoming self-aware of unhelpful patterns

Taking commitd action

‣ Building confidence

‣ Overcoming low self-esteem 

‣ Overcoming other barriers

‣ Developing a growth mindset