Founder of Psychology Therapy

Cristina Martin Garcia

Hello and welcome! I'm delighted to introduce myself and the therapeutic journey we can embark on together. As a qualified CBT therapist, my passion lies in guiding individuals towards achieving positive transformations and empowered mental well-being.

Qualified CBT therapist

Spanish and English

Specialised in anxiety disorders, and OCD

Welcome to Psychology Therapy, an online therapy and counselling practice that works with people around the world. I am Cristina, a fully qualified cognitive-behavioural therapist (CBT), accessible online to English and Spanish speakers worldwide. My objective in founding this therapy practice was to share my expertise, passion, empathy, and compassion with anyone struggling with life’s difficulties or seeking personal development to reach their maximum human potential.

My primary approaches include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as third-wave therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), compassion-focused therapy (CFT), and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). I am passionate about concepts such as acceptance, mindfulness, and compassion, and I bring this passion into our therapy sessions.

CBT is an extensively studied and effective method for multiple psychological problems. It is based on the idea that thoughts, emotions and behaviours are interconnected and that by challenging unhelpful thoughts and changing our behaviour we can improve our emotional states.

ACT acknowledges that psychological pain is a normal part of life. The primary challenge lies in our struggle to avoid or control these emotions and thoughts. While we can't escape the initial pain, the second layer of suffering can cease if we let go of the resistance and accept our emotions and thoughts. It involves a shift in attitude ACT is about creating a meaningful, values-driven life even amid emotional distress.

With CFT, we develop self-compassion, replacing self-criticism with warmth and understanding. Finally, mindfulness improves the practice, grounding you in the present moment and enhancing your open and non-judgmental attitude toward life's events.

Each approach is personalised to adapt to your unique needs and situation. For example, for OCD, my focus shifts towards CBT integrated with ERP (exposure response prevention), the gold standard approach for effectively treating this specific disorder.

Within my approach, I integrate knowledge from psychology, neuroscience, and medicine with the wisdom of Eastern philosophies like Buddhism and Taoism. I use coaching strategies and growth mindset principles to empower clients when required. This fusion of science and spirituality equips you with evidence-based tools while developing a deep connection and harmony with the world.

I specialise in anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and also obsessive-compulsive disorder (including body dysmorphic disorder). These disorders often co-occur with other challenges, so I also have experience in addressing low self-esteem, self-criticism, perfectionism, stress, insomnia, depression, burnout, impostor syndrome, life changes, loss, grief, and self-harm

I have acquired these skills by completing a diploma in counselling with a CBT therapy approach, a psychology master's degree from Northumbria University, and a COSCA certificate in counselling skills. I have completed the STORM® suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation training, as well as the ASIST suicide prevention program.

My professional background spans a diverse range of roles, mainly centred on anxiety disorders and OCD. I've worked as a therapist for Saheliya, a charity that helps ethnic minorities and Stop It Now, an organisation that helps reduce child abuse. Additionally, I have been part of multidisciplinary teams within the NHS, working with individuals with eating disorders.

Before, I gained valuable experience at Ipswich Psychiatric Hospital, where I supported individuals with OCD, depression, postpartum psychosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. I have also dedicated my time as a volunteer at OCD Action, a charity supporting those affected by OCD and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and their families. Additionally, I offered emotional support to patients at University College Hospital in London.

I am originally from Spain, but I have been trained as a therapist in the United Kingdom, which allows me to bring a culturally diverse perspective that respects different cultures and ways of thinking.

Lastly, I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical guidelines as I work toward accreditation.

Academic information

PGDip in CBT Therapy and Groupwork

Master's in Psychology

COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills


Autism and eating disorders (NHS)

Motivational interviewing

STORM® Suicide Prevention & Self-Harm Mitigation

Self-harm training

ASIST Suicide Prevention Training Program

Work experience

Founder at Psychology Therapy

CBT Therapist at Stop It Now.
Working with people with a variety of difficulties, including OCD, trauma, panic disorder, social anxiety, etc.

CBT Therapist at Saheliya.
Working with women of ethnic minorities and different difficulties, such as abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, bereavement, insomnia, self-criticism, perfectionism, etc.

Mental Health Practitioner at Penumbra.
Working with people with eating disorders within the NHS team.

Modalities that I use

• Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)

• Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

• Compassion-focused therapy (CFT)

• Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

Issues I help with

• Anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, separation anxiety)

• Obsessive-compulsive disorder and body dysmorphia

• Depression

• Eating disorders and body image issues

• Low self-esteem and self-criticism, perfectionism, insomnia, life changes, loss and grief, self-harm, and anger issues.

My approach to therapy

✔ Optimistic: a rich, purposeful, meaningful life is possible, even when you feel unplesant emtions.

✔ Practical: My goal is that you take something practical with you from each session — enhanced self-awareness, a new perspective, a tool you can practice, a new experience,  emotional release, etc.

✔ Inclusive: at Psychology Therapy we are open to all individuals—LGBTQIA+, diverse racial backgrounds, religion, personality, etc.

✔ Non-judgemental, safe and supportive: Our priority is to create a safe environment where you can openly discuss your problems. No judgment, we are here to listen and understand.

✔ Collaborative: I bring the scientific knowledge and tools, and you bring the expertise about your own life. Together, we will adapt the sessions to fit your needs.

✔ Compassionate: Compassion and empathy are at the core of my approach.

✔ Personalised and flexible: Your needs guide the course of therapy. Sessions are adapted to suit your specific circumstances.