Online Career Guidance Counselling

One of the reasons why people seek a counsellor is for career guidance. The therapist serves as an intermediary to help the person analyse their abilities, preferences, values, ambitions, etc., to choose a professional career.


Deciding what you will study or dedicate yourself to for a significant part of your life is not a decision to be taken lightly. Both education and work can impact your emotional and mental well-being. 


Career guidance counselling not only aids in uncovering your vocation in youth but also assists transitions between career changes. In any case, what could be better than pursuing something you enjoy and are passionate about, at any stage in your life?


Who can benefit from career counselling

Career counselling can be appropriate for almost anyone. It is valuable for students, adults navigating midlife, entrepreneurs, or anyone seeking to discover both themselves and their optimal career trajectory. It can help you if:


➤   You aim to figure out what you want out of your education, your life, and who you are

➤   You feel dissatisfied with your job.

➤   You are stuck in your career and are looking to give it a new direction.

➤   You have considered options to switch fields, but you have many uncertainties.

➤   You wish to initiate a restructuring process for your professional project but don’t know how to start.

➤   You fear change and desire support throughout this process.

➤   You want to feel fulfilled and professionally satisfied, sensing that you need help to achieve it.

How can we help?

At Psychology Therapy, we provide career counselling, helping you if don’t know what career path to take, and explore potential career advancements, progressions, or transitions. We can work on the following:


➤   Clarifying your educational and life goals.

➤   Understanding your identity.

➤   Assessing your interests, skills, motivations, and personal values to design your professional path towards something that truly impasses you. 

➤   Exploring your thoughts and feelings about educational and career paths. 

➤   Identifying the present influences on your career development and making sense of your professional journey so far, aiming to leverage all learned experiences for the future.

➤   Recognize your strengths and resources, as well as areas for development or improvement.

➤   Creating a plan with actionable steps to ensure the realisation of your goals.


Do you offer career guidance counselling near me?

We offer online career guidance counselling because this way we can reach you out whenever you are in the world.  Trained in the UK, we provide support to people all over the world, in Spanish and English.

What issues does career counselling help with?

Some of the issues that career counselling can help with include:


‣ Feeling lost in your career or job

‣ Career changes

‣ Career start


‣ Life purpose

‣ Life transitions

‣ Work/life balance

‣ Anxiety


Stress management